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10 Must Do's When In Singapore

Singapore has long been a popular destination for my Western Australian relatives considering the ease of getting there on a fairly direct route north from Western Oz - just 5 1/2 hours. Not far off the just over 4 hours to fly from Perth to Sydney on the east coast of Australia.

Singapore is a fascinating, diverse sovereign city-state comprised of more than 60 islands.  Almost 20 million tourists have visited Singapore each year to enjoy the contrasting old British colonial architecture vs. the modern, spectacular skyscrapers that adorn the area. Nearly half of Singapore is also covered with lush greenery in the parks and gardens making it a wonderful oasis.

Here are 10 Must Do's When in Singapore:

1. Orchard Road is Singapore's fashion street. You'll find tantalizing boutiques, loads of other shopping options, great eating establishments and lovely hotels. It's a wonderful place to appreciate a delicious meal and enjoy some shopping.

2. Grab a Bumboat Ride to view the downtown area of Singapore from a great vantage point. There's a great leisurely tour that takes approximately 40-minutes.

3. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade is nearly 2.2 miles long. There are some 'breeze shelters', mist sprays and fans to keep you cool on a hot day as you stroll along taking in the sights. 

4.  Sands Skypark has the most magnificent view of downtown Singapore from its ship-shaped observation area.

5.  Gardens by the Bay is an outdoor modernized garden that takes up 250 acres. It has the largest glass greenhouse in the world.

6. Chinatown blends the old and new together with its restaurants, markets, and boutiques. You can visit the old historic buildings and monuments along with the beautiful temples.

7. The National Orchid Garden has over 1000 species of orchids and 2000 hybrids that cover over 7 acres of natural beauty.  

8.  Clarke Quay is part of the historical district and is filled with the greatest nightclubs, and old warehouses that have been renovated into some very cool restaurants and bars.


9.  Jurong Bird Park resides on almost 50 acres of property and includes almost 4000 birds and more than 400 different bird species. It is an absolute paradise for bird lovers.

10.  Sentosa Island is nicknamed "Asia's Favorite Playground" considering its many attractions and city center. It was once a military base, so it's steeped in history as well. You can do such diverse things as sunbathing on the beach, trekking in the forest, or gambling at a casino.

There are all these activities and so much more to do in Singapore.  When you're ready to start planning a getaway to this wonderful Southeast Asia spot, just let me know and I'll help you plan the perfect itinerary! 

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