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7 Savvy Ways to Save On Your Next Cruise

Even though you may be able to afford luxury, isn't it always great to know you're getting a good bang for your buck no matter what you're doing? Here are some great options to consider if you want to continue to travel more (particularly on various types of cruises) and still know you're getting the most out of your well-spent, hard earned dollars.

1. Consider booking the entry level accommodation on the ship that offers the best itinerary for the experience you desire. There are many cruise companies who have great accommodations even if they're more of an entry level type of berth or suite. There are so many great places to spend time on most ships so that you don't have to spend that much time in your berth/suite other than to sleep and shower.

2. Consider booking early with a Cruise Expert. Believe it or not, many of the cruise lines are offering the best deals early on. Sometime they're including free airfare, special bonuses and such in order to fill out their inventories sooner. This happens frequently, especially with newer itineraries oftentimes also selling out very early with these. There's also an added bonus with many Cruise Specialists (like myself) who are connected with sources that enable anyone who books earlier to take advantage later on if better pricing and deals come along later. This is called "Cruise Tracking".

3. Seasonal cruise calendars should be reviewed. There are various timeframes during the year when consideration should be given to booking a cruise including "Wave Season" from January to March, off seasons such as May for the Baltic, or early Fall in the Caribbean and then the Mediterranean shoulder season from October to April. Various cruise companies also reposition their ships to and from the Mediterranean and Caribbean that can also afford some great pricing if you like longer stretches at sea as an option.

4. Departing from a "close to" home port. If you have the ability to depart from a port closer to home, this can certainly save some extra dollars and nuisance with airplane travel. There are more choices these days here in North America including multiple Florida options, East and West Coast options, and even quite a few Canadian options.

5. Consider more inclusive cruise lines so you know your costs up front. I've had clients who have figured out how much more convenient and ultimately more cost effective the more completely inclusive cruise lines are. They're happy to not have to worry about being nickle and dimed and know exactly what their total vacation cost is going to be. This is so much more pleasant than getting that sticker shock at the end of a cruise with all the add-ons that one forgets if they're not included.

6. Taking advantage of cruise company's air and cruise packages can often be the best option if feasible. More often than not when you do this, the transfers will be included and very importantly, if there are any delays, the ship will have you covered.

7. Last, but certainly not least, be sure to choose the right ship for you! The right ship for you could be a luxury river cruise, an exciting expedition cruise, an intimate yacht, or maybe a luxury ocean cruise is more your style? Whatever your preference, I can help you choose the one that's best suited to you.

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