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If you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered there are 2 very critical items that you should have with you when you travel and that’s both your passport and your phone.  Never would we have expected this in the past but now, it seems unimaginable to travel without a phone.  

One of the items that I can help you with when you travel is a special travel app that I will ensure that you have readily loaded with all itinerary information including flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, copies of all docs, destination guides, and the like. No need for you to have to load this yourself.  I’ll ensure this is done prior to your travel to make it easier for you.  Of course, all of this will be easily accessible whether you have wi-fi access available or not.  
These 10 other apps are some additional helpful ones, some that you may already have, but maybe some new ones that you’re less familiar with and may help make your travel easier and more fun!


  1. XE Currency App – This helps you to ensure that you don’t end up converting currency the wrong way which can be an easy thing to do in the “heat of the moment” when you’re negotiating and purchasing that Turkish carpet in      Ephesus.

  2. Pack Point Travel Packing App –This packing app organizes what you need to pack based on the weather at your      destination, length of travel, and activities you have planned on your trip.

  3. The Weather Channel App – Gives you the latest local weather forecast news at your fingertips when you’re traveling. 

  4. Guides by Lonely Planet App – Very cool app that gives you an extensive list of international cities and their “Lonely Planet guides”.  It includes mapping, restaurant options, shopping locations, must-see attractions, ticket & tour pricing, and even some video footage. 

  5. WebMD App – I’d never thought of this one previously, but how handy is this!  How often have you been traveling      and ended up with a sniffle, cough, or whatever from that nasty fellow traveler on that train or plane ride?  This app      checks your symptoms, enables access to drug & treatment information, gets you first aid essentials, and              checks local health listings on the go.

  6. Shazam App – This is more of a frivolous one for those of you who are music junkies who tend to haunt jazz clubs,      dance halls, music cafes and the like or someone who just has to know the name and artist of a song playing in an      elevator or lobby.  Well, this one will tell you who it is and even enable you to purchase it online! Kind of funky…

  7. Skyscanner App – A really good well regarded app for getting the best deals on flights.  It also enables you to book    directly from the app.

  8. Evernote App – This one has so many options such as keeping a travelogue, taking pictures, sharing stuff with          friends at home, and linking to web pages

  9. Twitter App – Even if don’t tend to ‘tweet’, Twitter can come in very handy if you have any issues with airlines, in        particular.  Many airlines have invested their public selves quite heavily in Twitter and it’s worked quite well for many  to deal through that medium vs. going to the airline counter to get any issues resolved, interestingly…

  10. Google Translate App – A very handy app if you’re heading anywhere that you’re not familiar with the local language. This one will translate 103 languages via typing, 37 languages with camera translation and 59 languages offline.

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