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  • Why should I hire a travel agent when I can book online myself?
    Clients hire Mills-Roy Luxury Travel so that we can take all the pressure and burden from you by planning, pricing and scheduling everything. We ensure that the best match of location, properties, tours, and overall travel content will be achieved by working closely with our clients. We have great relationships and contacts in the business enabling the best quality options with consistent and superior service including the ability to offer upgrades and special amenities. If there are issues with the travel in any way such as strikes, weather issues or any other unforeseen event, we’re there to help you through them. The question should be, why wouldn’t you hire a professional travel consultant?
  • Do I need a passport to travel out of the country?
    Passports are required when traveling out of the United States or Canada to any other country, internationally. They must be valid for at least 6 months from your last date of travel or you will be denied boarding your flight. We actually gather your passport information in the beginning to ensure your expiration date falls within the travel parameters, when you book through us. If the dates are not acceptable, we’ll advise you so that you have time to renew. There’s a huge difference between Passport Books and Passport Cards. You cannot travel internationally on a Passport Card.
  • Do I need a Visa and how do I obtain one?
    Some countries do require a Visa. We will let you know if you require any for your travel and we can also assist you in obtaining them. More often than not, suppliers that we use will offer visas for a nominal fee.
  • Should I get travel insurance?
    Travel insurance, these days, more than ever comes highly recommended by all sources out there. If you have to cancel for injury, sickness, death in the family, lost baggage, travel delays or trip interruption, then you’re covered provided you get the proper insurance. Travel insurance helps protect your financial investment. Many medical insurance policies in the USA only cover you for medical emergencies in the 48 contiguous states (that is not including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and such). Travel insurance will also protect you if you are injured while outside of the country.
  • How much luggage should I take with me on vacation?
    Most people tend to over pack. We can guide you on this for various types of travel if needed. What’s important to note is how difficult it can be, if you do over pack, finding taxis and other transport to and from locations in certain countries. River cruises also have some limited storage that can make it more difficult. Dragging heavy bags on cobblestone streets can also be challenging depending on your destination. One medium sized check-in bag and a carry-on is ideal for just about any trip.
  • When will I receive my documents?
    Usually documents are processed 30 days prior to departure date. We will ensure that all travel documents are received in a timely manner in order to give plenty of time for review.
  • If I want to do a land tour before or after my cruise, can I do this?"
    Of course! We are ready and willing to custom tailor any requests that you may have before or after your cruise to ensure that you get the most out of your dream cruise vacation.
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