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10 Critical Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor For African Travel

As you can well imagine, African travel requires some extra considerations.  Here are 10 critical reasons that you should utilize a Travel Advisor who specializes in African travel and has an absolute passion for the place!

1. We're Safari Experts

Agents specializing in African travel are experts through  personally experiencing it. We understand the significance of planning more complex destination trips.

2. We Ultimately Save Time

Planning an African safari involves a ton of learning. With fifty-four countries in Africa, finding that perfectly suited camp or lodge is challenging without the right knowledge.

3. We Know the Logistics

Logistics include all the right connections including airports, dates, drop-offs, flights, pickups, times, and transfers. A travel advisor with African expertise and all the right contacts confirms this all for you.

4. The Best Quality Value for Your Money

Some folks may have the misconception that utilizing a travel agent is more expensive than booking independently. On the contrary, Travel advisors know how to get the best value for your money with the right connections.

5. Always A Personalized Touch

A travel advisor will ensure that the best recommendations are made so that your African journey is perfectly suited to you and your desires.

6. 24-7 Support From Beginning to End

The committed Travel Advisor will be there for you 24-7 from the beginning of planning your adventure, right up until the end of your travels assuring that your journey is seamless and trouble-free! 

7. Missteps Can Be Avoided

With the right Travel Advisor, mistakes can be avoided ensuring that every step of the way is thoughtfully planned and orchestrated to your absolute pleasure and ease.

8. The Most Outstanding Connections

Travel advisors who specialize in African travel have great connectivity to the best camps, lodges, guides and professional organizations ensuring success at every measure. 

9. We Ensure Every Minor Detail

From dietary needs to medical issues and every detail in between. The right African travel specialist will assist with packing lists, the right camera equipment and accessories, cash and tipping requirements, and so much more!

10. Recommendations for the Right Protection

Choosing the right travel insurance, ensuring you're handling everything required from visas to immunization - that's where you want to ensure that someone has your back every step of the way.

Final Thoughts

When you're ready to plan your African adventure, I'm here for you!  The sooner we start planning the sooner we can get the best accommodation, timeframes and support from the very best that's available.  I'm so ready to begin planning your unforgettable destination trip!

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