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4 Wonderful Countries on the Rhine

The Rhine River has such an interesting history including its' beginnings as a grotty marshland in the early 1800's, to its' significance as a battle line for World War 2, to the most polluted river in the world after a chemical factory fire turning it red as recently as 1986, to the current tourist haven with almost 50 castles lining its' fabulous shores...

River cruise ships are a great mode of transportation for rivers such as The Rhine River, with their comfortable suites to the rooftop pools and jacuzzis and the fantastic culinary options. However, the primary reason to cruise the rivers is to get up close and personal to the history and culture at all the amazing, breathtaking stops along the way. The countries on the Rhine are all historic, romantic and truly awe-inspiring.

Would you like to spend time in Switzerland, Germany or France and the Netherlands? If so, then, a Rhine River cruise could be the perfect option!


Switzerland is beautiful any time of year with its snowy mountain caps in the winter and lush green hills in the summer. Many river cruises on the Rhine start or end in Basel, a city known for its love of art and museums.


It's rather hard to believe that the Rhine River even flows through France and certainly its' path there is very limited. It touches ever so briefly through the lovely Strasbourg, in the Alsace region. This is a charming stop for a wine tour, a visit to either Parc de L'Orangerie or Parc de la Citadelle or the Jardin Botanique at the University of Strasbourg.

For those of you who love Christmas, Strasbourg has the oldest Christmas market in France. On the southwest corner of the Grande Île to Un Noël en Alsace you can browse Christmas decor.


Traveling to Germany on a river cruise you can experience a very traditional and inviting side of the country. Cruising the Rhine, there are quaint cities such as Rudesheim and Cologne that both offer a variety of entertainment such as local musicians and museums.

In Rudesheim, you can take a cable car over the vineyards, to the Niederwald monument that commemorates the unification of Germany. Rudesheim is a charming city that is known for its Reisling wine with cobblestone streets, medieval castles and great vineyards at the read with wine tasting.

Cologne is a much larger city with its Gothic and modern mix of architecture. The iconic Cologne Cathedral is a must-see landmark. Cologne offers a Holy City walking tour, cathedral visit, Kolsch beer tasting and a bike tour as options. It too is also well known for its famous Christmas markets.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is always either the beginning or the ending for a Rhine River cruise and what a great place it is to visit! Known for its red-light district and extremely carefree way of life, Amsterdam has a great many cultural experiences to offer. They have a very elaborate canal system that is quite something to experience either by land or by water.

The Anne Frank House is located near the bohemian neighborhood of Jordaan, which has many trendy cafes, eateries and shops. Also nearby is the Westerkerk Cathedral where Rembrandt was buried in 1669.

A Rhine River cruise has so much to offer for everyone and I've only mentioned a few of the highlights. If you'd like any help arranging a river cruise on the Rhine or any other river around the world, I'm here to help you!

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