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5 Added Reasons for Travel Advisors in a Post-Covid World

1. We help keep your travel dreams alive

As you know, many travelers have had to put their travel plans on hold due to the pandemic. Special occasions such as birthday, honeymoon and other leisure vacations have had to be postponed. Fortunately, many Travel Advisors were able to help keep clients' travel dreams intact with a postponement vs. a cancellation.  

2. We fight for your right to refunds

You've likely heard of the many horror stories of people who didn't utilize a good Travel Advisor.  Some of these folks spent an inordinate time on hold with airlines, cruise lines and tour operators instead of having a Travel Advisor take care of this for them. I know there were many times I spent my time on hold for clients and was happy to be able to save them the time and agony of having to deal with this themselves. 

3. We know the best destinations and suppliers

2020 and even 2021 travel has new complications as countries continuously change and adapt to regulations required to accommodate the impacts of Covid-19. A travel advisor by your side will ensure you make the right decisions for your next vacation. We have a wealth of supplier and destination information that reaches well beyond the pandemic.

4. We're here to help with a potentially different travel experience

When travel returns, the experience may be significantly different. Airports have since become ‘touchless’ environments, and travelers could be asked to produce ‘health passports’ to travel to certain destinations. Travel advisors will play a valuable role in putting time and effort into personal services by providing clients with information that is factually correct. We will also guide them through the nuances of the new travel process.

5. We will ensure that clients get the best value and special perks that are well deserved by all travelers

I'm very happy that with the time I've been able to further develop my contacts and knowledge in this business. I'm now even better able to work with clients to get them the best value, most suited travel options to their desires and extra special perks that tend to be only available through associations like the ones I'm connected with including Virtuoso, ASTA and a couple of others.  

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