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7 Key Reasons to Work With A Travel Advisor

Call us Travel Advisors, Travel Agents, Travel Specialists, Travel Professionals... whatever you prefer. The main point is, that it's so worthwhile to enlist our help, particularly if you're seeking great travel experiences and special travel memories no matter where your plans take you.

I so enjoy working with my clients to plan and design exciting journeys for them. It's just such a rewarding thing to do since I am able to appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm, often as much as my clients do as well!

In our capacity, we generally live, eat, and breathe travel through our training, reading, and connecting with others including fellow Travel Advisors and Suppliers. We're always going to be more "in the know" than the average person, simply by all this day-to-day contact.

As Conde Nast Traveler's April 2021 magazine edition specified, in their article entitled "Why You Need A Travel Specialist", 'now more than ever' is the RIGHT time to seek assistance even if you never have in the past. There are new protocols and nuances - so many more, than ever before.

Here are 7 reasons why you should work with a trusted travel expert:

1. We make things WORK no matter what. All attempts have been made to ensure that cancellation fees are avoided, while moving or modifying bookings as required throughout the challenges during COVID and we'll continue to do so no matter what circumstances may arise in the future.

2. Many of us have various advisors and experts who help us with our day-to-day financial planning, accounting, legal and various other requirements so why not do the same with your hard-earned money that you invest in your travel planning?

3. It can be very challenging when planning travel to always know the right questions to consider. Such items as weather, ideal modes of transport, the right insurance to consider, the best places to stay, the most suited brands to work with along with the added challenges that our recent situation adds to the equation. All these elements lend themselves to having an expert assist with the overall planning.

4. We tend to not be content with receiving no for an answer when our client expects a yes. We aim to please and always make it RIGHT for our clients and more likely have the connections to ensure that we do get the response that our clients deserve.

5. Many of us are focusing on the importance of sustainability and becoming more mindful with our travel planning in relation to the people, location and animals where we ourselves travel and where we send our clients.

6. As Travel Specialists, we have the best tools available to us. We make it our business to know all of the health and safety protocols in order to keep ourselves and or clients fully informed. We keep in touch with our partners and the various tourism boards in destination countries to know whether there are any updates or changes required for our clients. We also have great ongoing relationships with our suppliers and partners to ensure that we're always "in the know".

7. Travel is ever changing in that many people having it absent from their lives, realize how critically important it is to their livelihood. It's anticipated that vacations will likely get longer and more quality time may be spent in certain locations in the future.

If you've not used a Travel Advisor in the past, please do consider it for the future so that you have the best experience with all your travel plans. This planning would include choosing the best, most suited location and being well-informed about everything so that you don't have to deal with any issues that could have been avoided if you'd chosen to work with a professional.

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