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7 Things to Avoid With Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii is unique, diverse and there's so much to do! It's become a popular spot for Americans since many consider it 'safer' travel.

Hawaii is doing a very good job with their protocols and although you currently do need to have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival, there's no requirement for quarantine once you arrive.

If you're not as familiar with Hawaii, here are some highly recommended things to avoid with travel there:

1. Avoid trying to visit too many islands in too short a time

Too often, people try to visit all 5 Hawaiian islands in 10 days and it's just NOT recommended. It's far better to focus on only 1 or 2 within a week's timeframe to really get the best out of the islands.

2. Hawaii does not have all-inclusive resorts, for the most part

Hawaii doesn't have completely all-inclusive resorts since they have a state law prohibiting the inclusion of alcohol in a hotel room rate/package. There are so many wonderful dining options that you really shouldn't want to stay at an all-inclusive hotel/resort anyway. All you really need is to have a wonderful breakfast included and then enjoy the many culinary options available to you on any one of the islands.

3. Never turn your back on the ocean!

In other words, be very careful to abide by any warning signs, flags and advice from lifeguards at any beaches you may visit. It's so easy to forget the power of the ocean when you get distracted with taking photos and you must always be conscious of a potential rogue wave or undertow. Also be aware if there are "No Trespassing" signs anywhere and be respectful of people's private property.

4. There's absolutely no need to pack high heels and ties

When it comes to more formal attire in Hawaii, this ultimately means changing into a clean Aloha shirt or comfy dress and donning your most comfortable sandals. Don't forget your sunscreen though along with sunglasses and a good sun hat!

5. Leave your road rage and impatience at home

Remember that life tends to move much slower with a typical, relaxed island pace. If you rent a car, don't honk your horn unless for an emergency and be gracious with letting people merge. Patience is a virtue as my Mom has always said and you need to take this approach everywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.

6. Don't just attend a luau, there's so much more culture to enjoy!

There's so much culture to be had in Hawaii, including a luau. They have a rich history, some great Hawaiian words, and special customs and traditions to appreciate. It really is a wonderfully exotic experience to be enjoyed right here in our own backyard!

7. Don't eat at 'chain' fast food restaurants while there

There are so many great food options to experience in Hawaii including their own example of 'fast food' with their famous food trucks that offer gourmet quality food at reasonable prices. So much of the Hawaiian cuisine is diverse, fresh and very tasty including some great seafood options. You can even find freshly baked banana bread, local fruits and veggies, and just squeezed juices at Farmers' Markets and road side stands.

Hawaii is open and ready for visitors and has so much to offer everyone! Contact me when you're ready to get "lei'd", so to speak...

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