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“A Delightful River Cruise Ship” – The AmaSerena

I’m very happy to be able to share my most recent exposure to one of AmaWaterways lovely ships called the AmaSerena.  This beautiful ship sails on the Rhine River and happens to also be the one that I’ve chartered next May 2025.


Photo Courtesy of AmaWaterways

My first glimpse of the Reception Area of the AmaSerena

I actually also sailed on a similar ship called the AmaMora prior to seeing the AmaSerena and was thrilled with this experience. They had a warm and friendly welcoming crew, a very personable captain and hotel manager, and also the most awesome cruise manager too! I’m actually working on getting this same cruise manager for our charter cruise next May.


Side-by-side image of AmaMora & AmaSerena ships

The great thing about AmaWaterways is that they ensure that the same cruise manager accompanies us right from the start of the pre-tour in Lake Como, Italy and meeting at the airport through to disembarkation after the cruising finishes at the end. I’m even looking into a post-cruise tour option in Amsterdam at the end of the river cruise sailing for those who may be interested. Amsterdam is such an amazing city!


Very cool canal cruise in Amsterdam - the architecture is amazing!

What thrilled me so much about both the AmaMora and the AmaSerena is that the majority of their staterooms are much larger than the ones we had on our charter river cruise last June in the Bordeaux region of France.  There are many more staterooms and suites that range in size from 210 to 300 square feet.  


Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways - Category BA/BB Stateroom on AmaSerena

In fact, we still have 3 of the 300 square foot suites still available. Not only do these suites have twin sinks and both a tub and shower but they also offer free laundry for both guests. I must add that even if you’re not in a suite, they offer laundry for a small charge to everyone else on board as well so that you don’t need to overpack if you choose not to.

Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways - Photo of Suite Bathroom with Double Sinks/Tub/Shower

 Schematic of Suite

Photo of Suite on AmaSerena

AmaWaterways has a very special feature on this ship called ‘twin balconies’. What this refers to is the fact that there is both an outside balcony with 2 chairs and table along with the typical French Balcony that most other cruise ships have. This very special double balcony concept is available on the AmaSerena in 43 of the staterooms and the 4 suites as well. This concept enables plenty of fresh air for passengers who enjoy spending time in their staterooms.


Photo of Category BB/BA on AmaSerena (Category AA/AB are slightly larger)

Photo of my Category AA from the AmaMora (same size as the AmaSerena AA/AB)

Each suite or stateroom also includes plenty of added features including an Apple computer in each room, ‘whisperers’ for each passenger to take on excursions as required, umbrellas, safe, plenty of hangers and storage space and a desk that you can use to write out the free postcards that you can send back to your relatives and friends from home!


Free Postcards that you can send to your friends and family

I’ve sailed on board 4 AmaWaterways river cruises and 3 other different river cruise lines and I have to say that Ama’s focus on allergies has been the best of all.  I’ve heard that from others with allergies too.


They also have a couple of very unique culinary experiences on board including both their special Chef’s Table restaurant that has an open kitchen that serves a 7-course menu paired with wines and has limited seating for just 24 guests at a time. Every guest on board is able to enjoy this special dinner at least once on their 7-night voyage.


Chef's Table Restaurant on AmaSerena

Open Kitchen at Chef's Table Restaurant

Sample Menu at Chef's Table Restaurant

In their main restaurant, they have open seating for all meals and feature a la carte dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I know how much I prefer being served rather than having to stand in line at a buffet for my meals. This a la carte option is quite rare for river cruises since many river cruise companies only offer buffet for breakfast and oftentimes even lunch.


Entrance to Main Dining Restaurant on AmaSerena

Plenty of Dining Tables in Main Dining Area

Larger, more private spaces off Main Dining Room plus plenty of tables for 2 as well!

AmaWaterways daily menus always offer TONS of choice, especially at lunch and dinner, with at least 2 choices of soup, 3 choices of appetizer/salad, 3 Main course choices and 3 dessert options including always multiple flavors of ice cream as well. In addition, if there’s nothing that appeals to you on the main menu, they always offer steak and roast chicken at dinnertime any time you may not want one of the daily, changing options.


As a member of the exclusive culinary society, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs,  they offer a very special meal each time they sail as an additional inclusive dining experience. There’s also an al fresco area at the forward section of the ship to enjoy their bistro menu during the day from the main lounge area.


Outdoor Bistro space off Main Lounge Area

The “What’s Included” list with AmaWaterways is very long and includes all onboard dining, unlimited fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch & dinner, unlimited sparkling wine and fresh juice with breakfast, and “Sip & Sail” cocktail hour with complimentary wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks every day, to name just a few of their inclusions.


They have great specialty coffee machines for that perfectly brewed café latte, cappuccino, espresso or whatever your favorite choice coffee is. They also have a wide selection of teas available at all hours of the day too!


Fabulous 24-7 Specialty Coffee & Tea Area at no extra charge

One of the other particularly special features I love with AmaWaterways is their selection of included excursions. They usually offer 3 different varieties of pace including a gentle option for those who may not be able to move quite so quickly, a regular option for the majority of people and then an active option for those looking for a faster pace that may include hiking or biking depending on the location of the excursion. Oftentimes, their excursions include tasting experiences with either wine, food or both as well.


Photo on Tour of Ghent, Belgium

The AmaSerena’s beautiful sundeck is another outstanding feature of the ship with a lovely swimming pool with a swim-up bar area!  There’s also a large chess set, corn hole toss, a small putting area, plenty of deck chairs with or without shade as you prefer, tables & chairs and even some comfy sofas too!


Beautiful swimming pool on board the AmaSerena (picture doesn't do it justice)

Rear shot of Swim-up bar area of swimming pool on AmaSerena

Plenty of comfy seating on sundeck of AmaSerena

Sundeck Activities Available on AmaSerena

They have an amazing fitness area with special equipment including a 'Technogym', weights, treadmills, and stationary bikes.  They also have a dedicated wellness person who is there to enable a great exercise program for those interested in working off all those excess calories from their wonderful dining.

Technogym on AmaSerena - amazing piece of equipment


Fitness Area on AmaSerena

Exercise Bikes on AmaSerena

Other highlights of the AmaSerena include 2 cozy fireplaces in an area off the main reception area, a boutique shop on board for some great souvenirs, a massage room and hair salon and also an elevator that covers all floors except the sundeck at the top of the ship.  

 Cozy Fireplace Area off Main Lounge on AmaSerena

Boutique Shop on board AmaSerena

Elevator on AmaSerena

Have I convinced you to join us yet for our special charter river cruise next May 2025 sailing the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam with a 3-night pre tour in Lake Como, Italy, an additional 2 nights in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland followed by a delightful drive through the Swiss Alps via the famous Julier Pass with a stop in St. Moritz? 

Here's the link again with all the details: Mills-Roy Cruise (


If this isn’t your preference, there are many, many more European cruising options to choose from or if you prefer something more exotic, there’s always the Chobe River in Africa, the Mekong River in Vietnam/Cambodia, or the newest Colombia River in South America! So much to choose from and I’m here to work with you.

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