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Are You Familiar With Virtuoso Travel?

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘virtuoso’ is as follows: “a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit”. And isn’t travel one of the ultimate ‘artistic pursuits’?! In the context of the wonderful organization that I am affiliated with, i.e. Virtuoso Travel, this meaning becomes even deeper.

Virtuoso Travel is a ‘leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, with more than 20,000 advisors’. Virtuoso works with the world’s best companies including over 1800 hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and more. As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, I’m able to craft special trips for clients that can include unique experiences, added value, complimentary amenities, VIP treatment, and exclusive access.

Virtuoso Travel Advisors can accentuate every trip. We can arrange for the best value for your time and money and considering our connections everywhere in the world, we can make you a VIP on cruise lines, at hotels, on tours and so much more!

As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, I do so much more than just “book” travel. First and foremost, I will ALWAYS have your back and truly care that every aspect of your vacation is as wonderful as you want it to be and as if it was my own. I honestly get such a “kick” out of planning for others, as much as I do with my own travel.

In this day and age and current times, insurance has become so much more important. Attention to all the details required with visas, protocols, documentation, and so much more has also become even more critical than in the past. COVID issues have caused this to all be that much more important and critical for travel and I can help you deal with all this.

It really helps to live and breathe travel day in and day out and attend as many training sessions as I do. I work at staying current with all the latest information from around the world. In fact, I recently completed my ASTA VTA training (which all stands for the "American Society of Travel Advisors Verified Travel Advisor" training), as one of the many examples.

Virtuoso has so many tools for me to access including things like their cruise tracking mechanism whereby when prices are in flux, particularly ‘falling’, I’m alerted to this and am able to offer my clients lower pricing when it becomes available. Virtuoso also has some wonderful extra amenities with many of the cruises that are completely exclusive to them plus there's some great group pricing opportunities as well.

Virtuoso also has some wonderful added benefits like their “Wanderlist” tool that enables you to build and dream about your vacation options for the future and then share them both with your friends and family and me as well, to help plan it all! Here's a link for you to join yourself and have some fun in determining what's on your Wanderlist:

Virtuoso has fantastic connections worldwide with “The Best of the Best” hotel, cruise, and tour properties. Each of these connections offer special ‘extra’ value for you when booked through Virtuoso Travel Advisors like me. Everything from room upgrades to special $ credits, other exclusive amenities and experiences and more!

We also have some tremendous digital and 'hard copy' material that we can send to you, in case you're not already 'on the list', you can let me know. Also, if you have any special requests for information, I can also note this for you so that you can be better informed about any upcoming travel options you may be interested in. There's the Virtuoso Life and Virtuoso Traveler magazines along with The Best of the Best as mentioned previously that gives all of the outstanding properties worldwide that Virtuoso is associated with and fully endorses for their ultimate quality and phenomenal customer service.

My Virtuoso Portal even enables you to view options for cruises, hotels, and tours and in some cases, you can even book them yourself through my portal enabling these special amenities yourself. Of course, you can also leave the job to me and I'd be thrilled to help you throughout the process! Just give me a call if and when you're ready to review all your travel options to the places on 'your list'!

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