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Are You Ready to Consider One of the Safest Ways to Travel?

I can't believe how much interest there seems to be in river cruising these days! Even more so than prior to COVID, for fairly obvious reasons. The primary reason being the smaller number of passengers particularly compared to the larger ocean cruises.

The fact that there are fewer passengers on a river cruise ship, make it so much easier to manage all the required health and safety protocols for all passengers. Plus the higher ratio of crew to passengers, from a control aspect with these protocols add an extra element.

Also, so many of the river cruise companies these days are requiring passengers, let alone the crew, to be fully vaccinated before boarding and even requiring a negative COVID test upon embarking the ship.

There are so many great advantages to river cruising vs. any other travel including the fact that you only have to unpack and pack once during the journey.

A while back, pre-COVID, I had created a quiz that basically helps to determine whether you're best suited to ocean or river cruising. There's so many people who have done ocean cruising but have never tried river cruising. And then, there are those who have absolutely no desire to ocean cruise, but may be keenly suited to river cruising since it's so very different.

Here's the link to my cruise quiz, if you'd like to give it a try - it's fun!

River cruising is perfectly suited for people who may also get seasick, since there's pretty much zero risk of this on a river cruise. I've certainly NEVER heard of anyone becoming seasick on a European river cruise no matter how bad the weather may be.

A river cruise allows you to smoothly and safely cruise 'through countries', as they say rather than around them as with ocean cruising. Not only this, but you're also on a floating boutique hotel with exquisite food, great wine, fabulous scenery, interesting culture & history and ultimate luxury all at your fingertips!

For groups, river cruising is ideal since it's a much more intimate environment than many since the numbers are smaller. This enables the group to more easily and safely interact with each other in a very comfortable setting.

In fact, Rene and I will be hosting a 'chartered' Luxury Bordeaux France Wine Tasting River Cruise with optional golf in June of 2023, if you'd like to join us! Here's the link to reserve your spot: AmaWaterways Charter River Cruise Bordeaux Region June 2023 (

There's also a lot of flexibility and ease with getting on an off the ship as often as required while in port unlike when you're on a larger cruise ship. There's no need to worry about long line-ups and feeling like you're cattle being loaded or unloaded off the ship. This adds an extra element of safety as well.

Overall, river cruising has a lot to offer in so many ways, including your safe wellbeing

and that's why currently, I have 4 more river cruises booked, personally for Rene and I, in the coming months and we're very excited about all of them! If you're ready to book a river cruise, I'm here to help!

Most photos courtesy of AmaWaterways.

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