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Are You Ready to Start Planning?

The next in our series of Virtual Vacations will be this coming Thursday, May 21st at your desired time of a few choices. South Africa is an absolutely fabulous destination. Rene and I have been there on 3 separate visits and that's got to tell you something about the destination - WE LOVE IT and would highly recommend it!

Africa needs our visits too for the sake of their conservation efforts with their endangered animals. Without visitors, they're having a challenge keeping up with the poaching that continues to go on. They need the tourism dollars to enable them to keep up their efforts to the degree needed. Keep in mind too, that planning a vacation to Southern Africa tends to require longer lead times with the properties being so intimate and limited in numbers. If I can help you with your planning, please don't hesitate to connect with me when you're ready.

If you haven't already attended the other 3 virtual vacation recordings or maybe you have and would like to either share them or watch them again, the links are below:

Here's the link for the upcoming South Africa virtual vacation this Thursday, May 21st with the 3 different timeframes:

Simply click one of the links above and include your name, email address, my name (Patti Mills-Roy), my company name (Mills-Roy Luxury Travel) and my email address ( in order to register.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to enjoy them as well. I'm certain you'll enjoy them and if you have any interest whatsoever in planning to go there physically, I'd be happy to help and even take you or a group there to visit!

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