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Eating Your Way Around the World

Have you Ever Thought of Eating Your Way Around the World?

How many of these types of food have you had locally and wouldn't it be cool to "eat your way around the world" rather than just consume them in your own home town? 1. Peking Duck - China If you’ve never tried Peking Duck, you must give it a try. But where better to do it than in Hong Kong or China, itself! Peking Duck has been served since the imperial era and hails from the original capital, Peking (now Beijing). Known for its crispy skin and tender meat, the dish is usually carved and plated hot in front of diners. If you love Chinese food, how about going to China - where you’ll find the best of the best and at a fraction of the price. 2. Nasi Goreng - Indonesia This is NOT your average fried rice. Nasi Goreng has often been called the national dish of Indonesia and is voted among travelers as a top dish to try. Coming in a variety of different forms, from street food to elegant dining, you will not tire of this sweet and savory dish. Would you like to try a chicken or shrimp Nasi Goreng first?! 3. Apple Strudel - Austria Dessert for breakfast - why not? Perhaps most popular in Austria, apple strudel can be found in bakeries across Eastern Europe. How about Vienna first, and then board a train to Salzburg for your very own Sound of Music experience. How about considering a river cruise?!

4. Fish & Chips - England Trust me, fish & chips taste even better across the pond! You can find this traditional English dish in nearly every pub across England. Usually served with a side of smashed peas, it goes great with a local English ale. Are you ready to plan your trip to London or the English countryside? 5. Poutine - Canada Keep trying America, nobody does Poutine like Canada. This may not be the most guilt-free dish in the country, but it is certainly one of the most delicious. How could anyone go wrong with fries topped with cheese and gravy? Yes, please! Whether you want to visit the city or mountainous landscape (or both!) I can help you with all of it! 6. Paella - Spain Tortilla for breakfast, paella for lunch. Make sure you plan a siesta (or at least some quality downtime) after you dive into this traditional Spanish dish. Can’t decide between visiting the nightlife of Madrid, beaches of Barcelona, culturally rich South of Spain or maybe even a Western Mediterranean cruise? Let me help you with your options! 7. Pho - Vietnam Pronounced as "fuh"... nothing beats authentic Vietnamese cuisine straight from the source. Spiced specifically to your desire, pair this Vietnamese noodle soup dish with just about anything! Vietnam has so much to offer as a destination, with great people and the food is superb! 8. Tacos - Mexico Tacos are still a favorite menu item when traveling to Mexico! Skip the beans and rice and add another taco, because who can actually decide between chicken, carnitas or fish?There’s way more to Mexico than just tacos and beautiful beaches! 9. Croissants - France Butter doesn’t count in calories when it’s in a croissant, right? Even if it does, you should still visit a bakery every day you are in France. From fresh croissants for breakfast to macaroons for dessert, there is something so perfectly soothing about poking around local bakeries throughout the country. And they’re everywhere! What city is calling you? Paris? Nice? Lyon? Let me help you with your next France adventure!

10. Portuguese Tart - Portugal Portugal isn’t on your radar yet? If you love custard, you need to try a Pastel de Nata as they are called locally. These small egg and custard tarts are found around every corner in Portugal. If you're heading to Lisbon, they have their very own Pastéis de Belem, also a fabulous treat! Maybe a Douro River cruise in Portugal is in order for you?! 11. Pizza - Italy From the birthplace of pizza in Naples to the street vendors in Venice and every city in between, you will find amazing pizza in Italy. Don’t bother straying from the traditional Italian dishes when visiting this beautiful country, each new pizza or pasta dish you order will not disappoint. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Italy. I can help you decide what is the best trip for you, or design a travel plan that lets you hit them all. 12. Hummus - Middle East Sorry Sabra, we’re ditching you for the real thing! This chickpea spread is so popular throughout the entire Middle East region that several countries have tried to claim it as its place of origin. Is Petra or Dubai more your style? Maybe somewhere in the middle and you end up in Tel Aviv? So many historical landmarks, great shopping, and tasty food to experience when in the Middle East. 13. Pavlova - Australia Australia is known so well for its beautiful beaches and extraordinary wildlife you probably never even thought about what you would eat there. You can't miss this one! Pavlova is a meringue-based cake that has a light and crispy crust and a soft center. Usually topped with fruit and whipped cream this is the perfect little dessert after a day in the sun. New Zealand also has a strong Pavlova game as well so I can arrange to get you there right after your stay in Australia for a comparison! Contact me any time and I'll get started with your trip down under!

14. Sushi - Japan Sure, you can get sushi anywhere, but nowhere is it as fresh and delicious as Japan. Buckle up for the adventure because you will find more eel, urchin, octopus and other exotic options in Japan than anywhere else. If you plan to get serious with your sushi, don’t forget to brush up on your sushi etiquette before heading over!

This is just a small example of the many different types of food that would enable you to literally eat your way around the world! How fun would that be! Let me know if I can help you in any way...

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