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Everyone Should Take A Group River Cruise At Least Once!

Come With Me!

June, 2023 on AmaWaterways AmaDolce in the Bordeaux Region of France with a pre tour in the Basque Country of Northern Spain and a post tour in the Loire Valley! I'm chartering this vessel and hoping you can join us! Bring your friends, family and anyone you'd love to travel with!

There's nothing quite like bringing a group of your closest friends and/or family together to explore a new destination. Traveling is an enriching and rewarding experience, and you'll find that to be even more true when you share it with people you want to be with and who are like-minded.

The benefits of group travel extend far beyond shared experiences. If you are someone who enjoys traveling but does not love planning, then traveling with a group is your perfect solution. Just imagine going on the vacation of a lifetime with all of your best friends and/or your family members, and the only decision you have to make is what to pack in your bag. Surround yourself with people who will make all the decisions about where to go and what to do while you simply tag along for the ride. When you're with a group, you don't have to decide any of that if you don't want to, which can make group travel your best option.

Group travel is also one of the more cost-effective ways to travel. Traveling together can help cut down on expenses because everybody is sharing the cost of food and transportation. With this particular cruise, you're also enjoying special discounts with the chartering of the vessel, if we can have the required number of people to attain this.

Traveling with a group of people can push you to try things you would never do on your own, or trying that dish on the menu in France that you can't quite pronounce. It forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to discover new things while making the most of your river cruise.

Perhaps the best part about traveling as a group is being able to share all of your greatest travel moments with some of your closest friends while also making new friends. You'll be amazed at how quickly you get to know people even better while cruising down a river in France, biking through vineyards or enjoying some wine tasting with others. Traveling provides people with the opportunity to bond through new experiences in a way that you wouldn't normally do at home. Sharing these experiences will also help create lifelong memories and strengthen bonds between you and your group that will last long after the cruise is over.

Gather a group of your friends and family and 'come join me' for an unforgettable adventure on the rivers in Bordeaux France in June 2023!


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