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Greece - An Outstanding Destination

It’s interesting because I’ve been planning quite a few trips for people these days who want to go to Greece. So many of my fellow Travel Advisors have also been going there recently and sending their clients there as well. It’s such a HOT destination these days in so many ways.

Greece was one of the first international destinations to open up after the worst part of COVID. Many of the cruise lines such as Seabourn, Windstar Cruises, Celestyal Cruises, and Atlas Ocean Voyages, a newer cruise company, offered some great itineraries within Greece. This made it easy for more people from North America, in particular, to be able to experience this great country.

It’s such an amazing country offering so much diversity, great food, fabulous culture, wonderful people, beautiful scenery and it’s steeped in history.

In fact, it was probably one of our first and favorite Mediterranean cruises that we did so many years ago with Regent Seven Seas Cruises where we traveled to a couple of the Cycladic Greek islands including Santorini & Mykonos and then on to the south Aegean Sea to visit the islands of Rhodes & Crete. We also had the pleasure of visiting other areas including Athens, Delphi in Central Greece and Ancient Olympia, Sparta and Gythion on the Peloponnese peninsula. We also had a chance to visit the island of Corfu, Greece, another one of the many islands that exists in the Ionian Sea on the west side of Greece.

So now the latest announcement as of this past Friday was that next May 2023, my host agency’s annual conference will be in Mykonos, Greece and I was the first to sign up to travel there with my husband! It’s been a while since we’ve been to Greece but every time we’ve been there, we’ve loved it!

There’s no question that we’ll have to venture further than just Mykonos when we’re over there and with Greece, the opportunities are endless!

There are so many ways to experience all that Greece has to offer. Obviously, larger cruise ships are one way to grab a taste of Greece with visiting a few of the ports and islands that they may journey to. Cruises such as these make visiting Greece’s more popular islands and ports very easy.

There’s also the ability to either join an escorted tour of Greece with set dates and itinerary or plan something on a more private basis to choose your own guided options anywhere you decide you’d like to go combining the mainland, peninsulas, and islands.

Another great way is to consider something more immersive, such as private yachting with hiring your own catamaran, motor yacht or other sailing vessel. Or you can let someone like Windstar Cruises sail you around the islands on a larger yacht with more options, space & activities on board.

There’s also the option to spend even more immersive time either on one or more of the islands with a little island hopping or multiple day stay. Crete is Greece’s largest island so that it has even more to offer one staying there for a longer period of time.

And then, certainly, one mustn’t forget the other many great places to visit in Greece including Athens and the rest of the Attica peninsula, the Pelopponese peninsula, and so many other fabulous regions further north including Central Greece, Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace, and Thessaly featuring one of the most photogenic spiritual sights in Greece, i.e. Meteora.

Greece is such an incredible country that has so much to offer everyone no matter what your travel preferences are. You could spend months there exploring but if you need any help narrowing it down and discerning what best suits you and your travel companions, I’d be happy to help you sort through all the options that are open to you. Certainly, if you haven’t been to Greece and have a desire to make it a destination in your future, let me know and I’ll be ready to assist! It’s such a fun place to plan and even better to visit!

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