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If You Want to Live Longer, You Need to Do This...

7 Scientific Facts Prove That Your Health Benefits With Travel

1. A stronger immune system and antibodies are created when traveling exposes you to different environments.

Research shows that exposure to some dirt and minor illnesses keeps your body and gut stronger. When you travel to multiple locations, your body adapts to much more bacteria that's different and enables you to become stronger.

2. Stress levels are lowered with travel A LOT!

It's been absolutely scientifically proven that travel not only increases happiness and decreases depression but also can enable you to completely chill out. Studies have determined even weeks after a vacation travelers felt rested, less anxious and in a much better mood vs. before their vacation.

3. Brain health improves with travel.

When traveling, you meet new people, have new experiences, are exposed to new cultures and overall it expands your mind. Obviously, this is all good for your health because it keeps your mind sharp and enables more personal growth. Studies show that those who travel and study abroad tend to be more open and stable from an emotional standpoint.

4. Risk of heart disease decreases with travel.

Studies have found that people who travel annually are less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease vs. those who don't. This is due to the fact that they are able to get away from the stressors in their lives and generally have less stress and anxiety when they go on vacation.

5. Traveling enables you to stay more fit.

Most of the time when we travel, we tend to be more active since we want to see and do more while away having spent money to get there.

6. Many places we visit have natural healing properties.

There are many natural hot springs around the globe including places like New Zealand, Turkey, Iceland, and Japan that are considered wonderful healing sites. Soaking in them can improve your skin, relieve pain and stress, and increase longevity, or so they say. There are also some famous energy points that are reputed to heal, uplift and rejuvenate with the earth's powers. A few of these include Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Sedona, Arizona and even Mount Desert Island in Maine.

7. Travel will enable you to live longer.

All forms of travel, whether local or global, can actually increase our life expectancy and enhance our lives. Research shows it decreases stress, boosts the health of the brain, and keeps the body healthier overall.

So, if you haven't traveled lately, why not consider a vacation somewhere and let me know if I can help in any way!

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