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Is Africa on Your Bucket List?

I finished my final Uganda, Africa travel blog last week and I'm so sad to not continue sharing memories of such a wonderful experience.

Are you ready to start planning your own bucket list to the African continent in order to create some of your own memories? If you love animals as much as I do and enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat, you MUST consider Africa and the safari element! It's absolutely "THE BEST"!

If you are considering Africa, I would strongly suggest that you should work with a Travel Agent who specializes in African travel. It's also great to consider someone who is extraordinarily passionate about Africa, who has been there multiple times and has great contacts and connections as well.

Following are 10 very good reasons to utilize a Travel Agent to give you the best trip experience:

1. Save you time. Considering there are 54 countries in Africa, a huge number of safari camps and lodges, and the potential challenges with managing flights, transfers and tours, wouldn't you rather have someone else arrange this for you? Why not leave the work to an Africa safari specialist, rather than try to deal with it all on your own?

2. Avoid the confusion. When you're not familiar with Africa, you're very likely to be confused by all the logistics required with the planning. It's so much easier to let an expert sort it out for you.

3. Ultimately less expensive. Many lodges and camps don't want to deal directly with clients since they already have relationships with the Travel Agent trade. It's more likely that there will be preferred rates and offers based on some of these relationships that you wouldn't otherwise be privy to if you're not working with them. There are so many subtle nuances to lodge stays especially if you plan to stay for longer periods at a couple of different camps in different areas that may be associated with one another as well.

4. Professional Advice. Specialists have an expertise that comes from knowing safaris. Let the knowledge be your guide!

5. Much less likely to make mistakes. Unfamiliarity with the ways of Africa could lead to making some mistakes when booking on your own and could ultimately lead to disappointments. When you use an African travel specialist you can avoid these mistakes.

6. Travel Agents have relationships that can work for you. Specialists have connections with other experts in the business to ensure that your trip will be seamless including great tour guides and "meet and greets" when you arrive at the airport.

7. Very detail-oriented. You don't want to slip up with any travel requirements including visas, immunizations, the right items to pack, electrical plug needs and so much more. Travel Agents will ensure you have it all!

8. The "Right" Insurance. Insurance can be complicated, even more so now than ever. A specialist will ensure that you have the appropriate insurance recommendations.

9. Someone who has your back. The conscientious African travel specialist will be there no matter what might occur and be able to cover you 24/7. If you try to do it on your own, you're on your own.

10. Why not just do it so that's it's easier for you? It's far more simple to get someone more knowledgeable about Africa to help you, so that all you have to do is have the time of your life!

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