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Latest Trips for Inspiration

I thought it would be inspirational to write my weekly blog about some “Latest Trips” planned for Clients in case it might help others to decide where they might want to travel next.

Latest Trips Being Planned for Clients & Prospects:

Hawaii for a large multi-generational family. Always such fun working with groups like this and even though it’s for domestic travel, it’s still a wonderful place to visit that’s close by but seemingly so much more exotic in its’ Polynesian culture way.

Africa, always a wonderful option that I love planning. Two couples are wanting to travel to one of my most favorite places on this planet. I just love Africa and the safaris there. It is the most magical place and EVERYONE who has ever been falls in love with it. I truly want more people to be able to experience this awesome place and Rene and I plan to go again next year, likely in November. If you’re interested in joining, let me know!

Spain is another place that I’ve recently planned for a Mother and her adult son, which I think is so cool that they want to travel together. Madrid, Granada, and Seville to be more specific. They have a fun itinerary that includes this amazing Caminito del Rey full day guided hike that looks absolutely amazing!

Of course, Italy always seems to be on the 'list' and I have a couple and their grown-up son planning this one for next Fall. What I love about this is that they’re going off-season in October and since they’re wanting to visit the very popular Rome, Florence and Tuscany, this will enable them to enjoy it when it’s not nearly as crowded! Great idea!

I’m also very happy to mention that dear friends of ours from our past life in Canada have booked to go on the wonderful Seabourn Cruise option I shared in last week’s newsletter sailing from Singapore to Hong Kong this coming January 2024! Rene and I are both very excited about this! Maybe you’d like to join us too!

Latest Trips Where My Clients Are or Have Just Returned:

Currently, I’m happy that a lovely group of 5 couples are traveling on a private Greek Island yachting adventure that I planned with them. They seem to be enjoying it so far which obviously makes me very happy. Greece has had some tough natural events including both fires and floods this past year so that it’s great for them to be able to continue to accept tourists who support them. These visitors are enabling others to realize that Greece is back in business to serve their visitors well.

I have another lovely couple who have just recently disembarked from AmaWaterways fabulous AmaMagna cruise ship on the Danube River and in fact they’re due to arrive home today from a couple of days post stay in the delightful city of Budapest, after also enjoying Prague on a three-day pre-tour!

Another wonderful couple is enjoying their first time in Southern Africa enjoying a guided tour there of Cape Town, Kruger National Park for safaris, Johannesburg for some history and culture of South Africa and the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe! I’m presuming that they too have caught the passion of Africa and the beautiful animals and people that reside there.

Two more couples are enjoying a stay in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the fabulous Edgewood Resort. It’s a stunning Virtuoso property at the sound end of the lake. The place looks absolutely fabulous and is such easy access, practically in our own backyard! Combined with Las Vegas, one couple made a great combination of hectic, crazy Vegas and laid-back, easy-going Lake Tahoe all in one!

Edgewood Tahoe Resort - Photo courtesy of Virtuoso

Yet another couple recently returned from a special milestone birthday and anniversary celebration on the luxurious Regent Seven Seas Mariner Cruise ship traveling from Venice to Barcelona with some great pre and post tours in both fabulous cities.

And finally, more clients returned from a back-to-back escorted Globus group tour starting in London, traveling to Paris and then combining this with a heart-wrenching trip to the Landing Beaches of Normandy.

Latest Trips That I’m Planning for Rene & Me:

As I mentioned last week, Rene and I have 4 cruises coming up in the next 4 months with a few being shorter and one much longer. I’m very excited about all of them since each will give me greater insight to help me better ‘fit’ the right cruise to the right client or group.

The first is the inaugural sailing of Oceania’s new ship, the Vista. Just a short 2 nighter out of Miami to the Bahamas and back in October.

Oceania's new Vista - Photo courtesy of Oceania Cruises

The Virgin Voyages 5-night cruise, in November, is one that I’m very excited to try since it’s a larger ship but seems to have an amazing amount of character. It won’t necessarily be the perfect fit for everyone but the more I hear about it the more interesting it becomes, especially for groups!

Photo Courtesy of Virgin Voyages

Then, in December, Rene and I will be hosting a sailing on the brand new Explora Journeys from Barbados to Miami. It’s such an incredible new cruise line on the scene with so much to offer those seeking luxury but it’s really quite affordable and the sailing we’re on includes $500 shipboard credit plus you can get even more credit if you have any of the many cruise or hotel loyalty program status’ that they’ll match. There’s room on this cruise too if you’d like to join us from December 6th to the 13th. They even have special single supplement cruises prices that are more affordable for all of their cruises.

Photo courtesy of Explora Journeys

The other cruise that we’re hosting is with Seabourn Cruises from the exotic Singapore to Hong Kong in January from the 6th to 20th, 2024. Most of the other ports visited are located in Thailand and Vietnam and Southeast Asia is one of my favorite destinations that I’ve not been to in a long time. The Seabourn Encore is a lovely, luxury cruise ship that has much to offer discerning cruisers with a country club atmosphere and yachting approach with their ships. The also have phenomenal cuisine, great wines and have brought on a new promotional offer called their “Set Sail Event” that offers air credits and reduced deposits. If anyone else wants to join us on this cruise, we’d love to have you join us!

Photos courtesy of Seabourn Cruises

Finally, we’re commencing the planning for our next trip to Africa, likely next November 2024 (February 2025 is our fallback date as another option to consider). We’ve finally started discussions to get this ball rolling and would welcome anyone who might be interested in joining us for this one too!

Anyway, as you can see, it’s a pretty diverse line-up of places that people are either traveling to, have returned from or are planning for the future. So many other great places to visit in this beautiful world of ours. Let me know if and when you might be ready to start planning your next journey! All the best!

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