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Lessons Learned When Traveling

Here are a few of the lessons I've learned with the traveling I've done over the years and maybe you too have experienced some or all of these as well.

1. There are times you just have to take a leap of faith. Some people procrastinate and wait until that perfect deal comes along or they want to have just that much more money to be able to afford a trip or they may be concerned about the economical or political climate. Sometimes, you just need to 'do it'!

2. Need to let things go... When traveling, stuff can happen, like a late airplane, delayed tour, or some such and you just can't let it affect your vacation experience. You just have to move on and shake it off.

3. Take the time to embrace everything. It's so easy sometime when traveling to take that photo of the one most often photographed in a certain location but not fully sense everything around you that you can. You should try to do just that.

4. Ensure you don't miss your own backyard. How many of us have lived in places where we forget to go see our own local sites that others visiting tell us about and we realize we've neglected them. Get out and take the time to see your own beautiful area around you.

5. Be sure to collect moments rather than things. The idea of traveling isn't to just pick up that local souvenir from the location you've been although don't forget to do a bit of that too. Make sure you maximize every moment you can when you travel with those memories.

6. When traveling to foreign places, particularly, don't assume the worst of people. Some of us tend to expect the worst of strangers and guard against speaking to them for fear that they may be dangerous. Remind yourself that the majority of people are really very friendly and just trying to be helpful most of the time.

7. Keep your sense of humor when traveling. One of the best ways to handle stress is to have a good sense of humor. Traveling can cause anxiety since there tends to be a lot of change to the normal course of your life and sometimes the best way to deal with this is with a good sense of humor.

8. Don't sweat the small stuff. One very good life lesson let alone a good suggestion for when traveling. Why sweat the small stuff... life just is too short to worry about every little issue that you may encounter including any financial issues you might have while on vacation.

Travel is such a great experience both mentally and physically to help keep you healthy and strong both in mind and body so be sure to take all the time you can to experience it and enjoy it. You won't regret it!

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