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So Many Reasons to be Grateful

It certainly wasn't the typical Easter or Passover holiday that we've been used to. Sadly, families were unable to go to services in their best dressed fashion, but instead had to attend them online. Although the Easter Bunny found most families with children, baskets were not quite as overflowing and egg hunts, if any, were in their own backyards. Seder dinner tables were set but likely for only 1 or 2 people. The good news is we were doing what we need to be doing right now, by staying at home. It’s so easy to get depressed and frustrated by the current situation, but we need to be grateful for all the good that is going on.

Here are 6 reasons to be grateful:

1. We can all be grateful for the entire medical community. Doctors and Nurses, of course, but how about all the Custodial workers keeping hospital rooms clean and disinfected, hospital management teams, IT workers who keep the charting & computers online, EMTs, ambulance drivers, cafeteria workers and so many more in that field.

2. We can all be grateful for the grocery/drug store workers. This would include the store staff AND also the delivery drivers who keep the stores stocked to the best of their abilities. They're risking their own health to serve us as consumers, and are likely putting up with more bad behavior than they should. Please try to give them a smile next time you're shopping.

3. We can all be grateful for the delivery services. USPS, UPS, Amazon, Fedex & DHL drivers are working overtime. The folks in the warehouses are working very hard to ensure that we all receive whatever we have ordered today, whether it be a necessity or a luxury.

4. We can all be grateful that we can still enjoy some favorite fast food and restaurant cuisine just by ordering, paying and showing up! Many local restaurant communities are there for us and we should support them by ordering take out whenever possible. Even the large chain restaurants employ local people, so don't ignore them as well.

5. We can all be grateful for the local utility workers who pick up our garbage on schedule, keep our internet signal strong (most of the time) so we can work from home, stay entertained and be comfortable in our homes with gas, electricity & cable TV.

6. We can all be grateful for all the “helpers” who are shopping for friends who aren’t comfortable leaving their homes, sewing masks, mowing neighbors’ lawns, sending a positive Facebook message, picking up the phone and just generally caring.

Personally, I also am very grateful and want to thank all of my friends, family, past/present/future clients and subscribers to my newsletter for their patience, support and feedback during this time. While I realize no one is able to travel right now, I do know that when the time comes, many of you will trust in me to help you enjoy the world again and I'll be there for you.

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