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So Many River Cruises, So Little Time!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

So, as I'm planning the June 2023 Bordeaux, France river cruise, I'm also excitedly looking forward to our upcoming river cruise in late August this year.

It happens to be on Crystal Cruises "Crystal Ravel" ship on the Danube River from Vilshofen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. Interestingly, it'll be their first river cruise since the suspension of cruising when COVID began early last year.

We have a brief post cruise stop at this beautiful 5 star hotel (pictured here) called the Parisi Udvar Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. It's part of the Hyatt Prive family's "Unbound Collection". It's an iconic landmark in the heart of the city!

This hotel was once an Art Nouveau shopping arcade before it was converted to this luxury hotel. It also happens to be the location used for the harrowing opening scene of John Le Carre's 2011 Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy film version. Pretty cool!

We'll also be doing a fabulous pre-cruise tour with them in Prague, Czech Republic for 3 days with some great touring while staying in a wonderful Virtuoso 5 star hotel that used to be a 14th century Dominican monastery, called the Mandarin Oriental.

The very cool thing with river cruises is the fact that you wind your way along the river so close to shore. Of course, this also means that no one is likely to ever experience any motion sickness.

Docking is done so close to the towns and various ports along the river so that visiting them is so easy, more often than not, without any need for transportation.

River cruising is such a great option to consider if you've never tried it. Rene and I did our first one in France, coincidentally, on the Saone and Rhone Rivers from Lyon to Arles which was fabulous on yet another river cruise line.

There are many great options for river cruising to consider and we do so hope you'll think about joining us for our charter in June 2023 in another lovely part of France, namely the Bordeaux region.

This particular cruise will also include optional pre experiences in the Basque country of northern Spain with Bilbao and San Sebastian. The post cruise option includes the Loire Valley with some more spectacular wine tasting and beautiful sightseeing along the way as well!

There are so many great rivers to experience and many great river cruise companies to sail with, but we'd love to have you join us as we sail in the lovely Bordeaux region of France in June 2023! Here's the link for you to reserve your spot before it's too late!

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