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Some Awesome Travel Tools

Have I mentioned how much I love my profession before? In spite of the challenges, I've faced in the past 16 months or so, I still feel so very fortunate to be able to help my clients experience amazing, outstanding, fun travel!

Every time I create an itinerary for someone, it gives me such a thrill to know how wonderful it will be for them! It's very inspiring for me because I feel as though I'm also living vicariously through them by creating these great journeys.

I'm very fortunate to have such great connections with fellow Professional Travel Advisors through my associations with my host agency and my consortium. There is such an incredible array of great training & helpful tools that enable me to be the best that I can be from a knowledge and experience standpoint.

Here are just a few of the many links to helpful tools that you too can access to help you with your dreaming and planning for future travel!

1. Wanderlist - This tool enables you to dream about your future travel by adding favorites to your travel wish-lists and invite others to also join you in this creative, fun planning. Here's the link to get you started with this:

2. Shore Excursions Group Link - This connection will help you to arrange better excursions when you're touring off ship. Did you used to get tired of being one of many people on a large coach while taking your excursions off-ship, particularly on the larger ocean cruise liners, in the past? Well, this link gives you the opportunity for much smaller groups or even more personalized excursions with just 2 or more people instead of bus loads. They're specially curated and usually far better value too!

3. BeWise Travel Entry Guide - This tool is particularly helpful these days with all the current rules and restrictions relative to COVID, but it will continue to be a useful tool for the future too! You simply enter the country you're departing from, the passport you hold, and the country where you're going and voila! you can check the required entry specifications. Check out this link:

4. My Virtuoso Portal Link - where you can browse hotels, cruises, tours, and destinations plus so much more with great articles, tips and timely recommendations for your future travel. Here's the link for that: World's Best Luxury Travel Advisors and Hotels | Virtuoso

So many great tools for your use, and you can always connect with me directly via email, text, or phone. I'm here to work with you to help you create your bucket list journeys!

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