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Some Great New Year's Resolutions to Consider

As we move from 2021 into 2022, many people consider some changes they want to accomplish in their lives such as maybe exercising more or drinking less, or whatever may be on your agenda. Here are some other ideas to focus on as well!

1. Focus on something you love to do. If you have a passion for something and have yet to consider pursuing it, maybe it’s time now. Whether it’s a hobby, a sport, a different job/career, or to endeavor to travel more, do it NOW.

2. Consider a random act of kindness for someone. Even something so minor to you may mean the world to someone else who’s not expecting it. A phone call, a letter, a card, a small gift – anything at all that someone may not know is coming their way. It will mean so much.

3. Be bold and dare to do something that frightens you. There’s an immeasurable satisfaction when one can defeat one’s own fears. A certain phobia can be debilitating and what better way to deal with it then to confront it.

4. Do something nice for another person by ‘paying it forward’. It’s nice to receive but even more satisfying doing unto others to spread the cheer. As little as a coffee at your local coffee shop for someone you may not know, to donating some money or your precious time to a good cause, such as “Meals on Wheels” or your other favorite charity or organization.

5. Go somewhere in this world that you’ve never been. Is it as simple as just leaving the place you were born, to travel and experience more of your own province/state, or country? Or is it even further afield for you to consider leaving this continent to travel to somewhere like Europe, Australia, or even Africa? There are so many wonderful places in this world for you to explore that you likely have never been but maybe have always dreamed of visiting.

6. Do something to help save the environment. There are so many incredibly great causes all over the world for our environment, our wildlife, and our people everywhere. They all need our help and it’s so wonderful to know we can help make a difference.

7. Embrace change. We’ve certainly had plenty of change in our lives with the events of the past 22 months or so. It’s been difficult to endure at times, but we’ve all become stronger from it, hopefully.

8. Treasure every day because life is a gift. I’ll never forget the time I almost lost my husband and thought I was going to be a widow at the age of 54. Thankfully, it wasn’t his time to go yet as we had the best gift we could have received at that time in the form of an incredibly capable, caring Nurse who ultimately saved his life. My husband and I are grateful every day for this second chance.

9. Maintain contact with those you care about on a regular basis. We sometime get so busy and need to ensure that we don’t lose touch with those we care about. Even if it’s just a phone call or an email to someone you love on a consistent basis, it’s worth the time and effort.

10. Dream big. Are your dreams and aspirations as big as they can be? If not, maybe it’s time to dream even bigger than before.

11. Live your life to its fullest every day. Now is the time to embrace life to its fullest potential. Don’t put off the things you can do today and think about this every day of your life.

12. Love yourself rather than be hard on yourself. I know how often I tend to beat myself up and realize I need to do a better job of appreciating who I am rather than being so hard on myself. Maybe you do the same thing? We have to love ourselves before we can ever expect anyone else to love us, right?

13. Don’t doubt that you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to any and all possibilities. Be sure to do whatever fulfills you.

I know as I re-read these ideas myself, they inspire me and I hope it helps inspire you as well. A New Year can be so exciting, especially when the old year has been more trying than we all anticipated it would be. Embrace the New Year, Life, and the Future as I believe it is brighter for all of us! It’s certainly can be what we want it to be with open minds and open hearts!

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