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Take Control Of What You Can Control

Are you feeling these days like you're losing control of your life? It's been so difficult for all of us with the current circumstances since we can no longer do everything we've been able to do in the past nor do we know how long it will all last. Definitely not an easy position for any of us to be in.

What we all need to focus on is what we're actually able to control and not let the stuff we can't control get in our way. We have to stay strong and positive.

1. We CAN control our own social distancing and do what's right to limit interaction with others as is recommended by the CDC. The sooner the virus is "contained", the sooner we can get back to our lives as they used to be with all the freedom we had. There's not much we can do about controlling others if they don't 'get it' about the whole social distancing requirement.

2. We CAN control how we treat people as we would want to be treated, no matter what the circumstances are. We need to all have some much needed empathy, appreciation and kindness towards anyone in any of the service industries such as the hospital/care workers, postal/courier drivers, trucking folks and the grocery/retail store employees who are all working under tough conditions to help all of us get through this with the food and goods we require. They're all working long hours and are putting themselves at risk.

3. We CAN control ourselves by NOT hoarding goods such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, various other grocery store items that sometime are seemingly in short supply due to those who are being hoarders during these trying times out of fear and panic.

4. We CAN control how much exposure we have to all the negative news and crazy sensationalism that's going on with the media right now. There's nothing wrong with staying in touch about the facts and reality of the situation, but don't bog yourself down with too much of it. It's just too overwhelming if you do that!

5. We CAN control (if you have children or grandchildren with you right now) ensuring that these kids are getting a good mix of creative events, quality play time, love and affection, and some structure to their time while they're not in school. I know how tough that must be for everyone in these circumstances to contend with, since I have just 2 dogs who are actually ecstatic that my husband and I are home as often as we are these days! ;)

6. We CAN control staying as socially active as feasible through social networking, emailing, and phone calls with friends and loved ones.

7. We CAN control our own healthy minds and bodies by exercising, eating healthily, and doing some fun stuff at home to challenge both our mind and body.

8. We CAN control our dreaming of the not-too-distant future when we will all be able to get back to venturing out and about and abroad again to do our bucket list travelling that I'm certain we are all anxious to get back to doing.

And please know that I'm ready and willing to help you with whatever your dreams are to fulfill when this is all over and done with!

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