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The Final Chapter of Our Uganda Adventures

Buhoma Lodge was our lovely home while we were staying in Bwindi for our Gorilla trekking. This was our regular meeting place in the evenings for a few days and it was a relaxing setting.

The views from Buhoma Lodge and the area around Bwindi were spectacular. So green and lush. There are a few other properties to stay in the area and we did 'site visits' to a few of them.

They all had their own character. We found the baboons very amusing as they came to either block our path or just say hello, as we were departing. Not sure which, but they were pretty darned cute to see!

Of course, this adventurous journey that we were on was largely considered a "familiarization trip" for my fellow Travel Advisors as we all want to be able to encourage more people to visit Africa.

It touches your heart when you visit Africa, whether it's your 1st time, 4th time (in our case) or 20th time! It's magical! Africa is the perfect place to visit for wide open spaces, nature, beauty, wonderful safari options, and helping people too!

We had the distinct privilege of meeting, shopping, and being able to help women in Uganda and they so needed our help this year of all years. This is Habasa Eveyln, the brilliant lady with the "Ride for a Woman" charitable organization. They'd not seen any tourists since March and were suffering greatly from this absence of tourism.

Bwindi's "Ride for A Woman" empowers women to learn skills in order to earn a living. These very talented women do excellent work and we all had a blast working with them and spending money on their garments, craftwork, and other very special articles.

We kept them very busy the few days that we were there while they sewed, ironed, and crafted for very long hours to get everything done prior to our departure.

Some of their tools were very primitive, but they got the job done and worked very hard. As you can see this "iron" has charcoal in it to create the heat in order to press the garments and other crafts made from fabric. The good thing is that it works even when they lose power which actually happened one time when we were there!

They even had schooling for the children of the workers so that they could rest assured that they were also learning and safe throughout these times while they were unable to attend schools.

On our final day at Buhoma Lodge, as we were getting ready to leave, the L'Hoest monkeys came to say goodbye.

We hopped onto our 2 Cessna 208 Caravan planes again to head back to Entebbe.

We arrived at the infamous Entebbe Airport again, which of course always brought up memories of the old movie "Raid on Entebbe", based on the 1976 rescue of 103 hostages from a French jet airliner.

We had a day room at the lovely Hotel No. 5 in Entebbe prior to our departure for the airport to board our international flights later in the evening.

We had an enjoyable lunch prior to heading off to the airport.

And finally, we were on our way back home again on the fabulous Qatar Airways with our comfy and safe accommodations onboard.

The End! Thanks for coming with us on our journey!

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