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The Top 10 Safest Places to Travel for 2020

So here goes with the listing and most of it isn't terribly surprising although there has been some shifting with the numbering including Australia moving to the top spot. Others that continue to remain on the top 10 list compared to last year include Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland and Italy.

There are also some new additions to the list including France, Greece, Japan and New Zealand. Interestingly, some departures from the list from last year include Switzerland, The Bahamas, The United Kingdom, and The Virgin Islands.

So, without further ado, here's the listing:

1. Australia - has so much to offer including fabulous scenery, great beaches, vibrant cities, great culinary, wineries and beer, and a strong cultural influence with the multitude of nationalities and the aboriginal element. Plus, I mustn't forget some of the most friendly people in the world!

2. Sweden - is safe, friendly and beautiful. It was recently named the world's most reputable country. Baltic cruises still remain very popular and include a stop in the lovely city of Stockholm.

3. New Zealand - has such a wide variety of climates and vistas considering what both the North and South Island have to offer. People are friendly, it's easy to get around by vehicle with the great infrastructure and it too has so much interesting culture with their Maori influence. One also can't forget to include their wonderful wines and culinary aspect as well.

4. Italy - ...what can I say about Italy... everyone LOVES it! So much to offer from its rich history to the beautiful scenery including the ever popular, spectacular Amalfi Coast and who can ever forget their food, wine and lovely people as well.

5. The Netherlands - is easy to get around and has so much to offer everyone. It's a great place for river cruising as a start to many wonderful Rhine River cruise options as well as some ocean sailing options too. Beautiful canals, tons of bicycles, colorful tulips and great beer and food as well. Amsterdam is truly a standout city on its own in so many ways.

6. France - is such an iconic destination, again with so much to offer similar to Italy. Some great history, fabulous food and also many river cruise options there as well including The Seine with Paris and Normandy, The Bordeaux region, and the south of France in Provence with The Rhone and Saone. Skiing is another great option in France as well and one can never forget to mention their great wines too!

7. Iceland - has amazing landscapes, friendly people, hot springs and a ton of charm. It has become less crazy popular than it was a couple of years ago which is a good thing since it will be an even better place to go now if you haven't already been.

8. Ireland - remains the beautiful Emerald Isle with a well-earned friendly reputation, affordability, ease of accessibility and always beautiful at any time of the year.

9. Greece - is another one of my favorites with its ancient ruins and rich history much like Italy, fabulous islands, warm, friendly people and beautiful scenery everywhere.

10. Japan - has always had a stellar reputation for being a clean, safe tourist destination. The history and culture in Japan is fascinating and their food is also fabulous. Of course, the upcoming Olympics being held there has made Japan even more conscious of the importance to ensure its cleanliness and safety.

There are so many other countries around the world that are very safe to travel including some wonderful places like Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore in Southeast Asia, many wonderful island and beach destinations in the Caribbean and South Pacific, some countries in Southern Africa, South America, and even such unique places like Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe. A good site to consider as a reference for travel advisories is this link,

Certainly, if there's anywhere that your heart tells you that you need to go, please let me help get you there. I have many resources that I can lean on to get you the best solution for your travel planning and I'd be happy to help you with them.

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