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To Travel... Or Not to Travel...

Keep Calm, Use a Travel Advisor and Acquire Insurance

There's been so much uncertainty with this coronavirus issue so it's no surprise that folks are having some hesitancy about upcoming travel plans.

There are those that fear contracting the virus or getting stuck in quarantine, particularly while traveling overseas. Older travelers and people with compromised immune systems should be more cautious.

Many hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators have changed policies and waived penalty fees in light of the current circumstances and we, Travel Advisors, are better informed to help clients make the right decisions for their situations.

Some people are taking a wait and assess approach for future travel and fortunately have more flexibility based on many of the cruise and tour companies allowing people to cancel without penalty 30 days out, which is great for anyone with plans in the summer or Fall at this point. Most of the cruise companies are enabling people to re-book within a 2 year window, which is a good option.

As you've already been hearing on a very regular basis for every day life, let alone if you decide to travel domestically or internationally... WASH YOUR HANDS! Wipe down surfaces wherever you go and practice good hygiene every day.

Both the CDC and U.S. Department of State websites offer the latest information, and you can sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which shares your contact information with the nearest U.S. embassy and sends travel alert notifications. Canada also has a similar service if you check out this link:

We're all hopeful they'll find a vaccine soon so that we can be done with this horrible situation. Whatever you decide to do, know that I will always have your back as your Travel Advisor, now and in the future!

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