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Who is part of your tribe?

The right contacts are critically important...

I believe it is so critically important to have the right connections in order to ensure that every experience that is created is the best option for my clients. Working with a Travel Professional that has these connections, ensures a much better experience versus trying to book online or attempt to do it yourself, without these contacts. Following are 3 particularly helpful connections that I am able to utilize when planning travel for my clients including: 1. My Supplier team When you receive your final itinerary from me, there are usually several hotels, transfers from airports, train stations & piers, Sightseeing Tours, Cruise bookings, Airline reservations, Private guides, etc. All of these components are sourced based on my relationships and experience with the Tour Operators and other suppliers with whom I have established a level of trust. Travel providers take better care of my clients because they don't want to let me down...and I continue to support them because of it. Try getting that when you book online!  2. My Network of other Travel Professionals -   I spend lots of time and money in professional continuing education and peer networking. One of those is the "host agency" I work with, made up of like-minded Niche/Specialty travel professionals who are some of the most brilliant folks I know that can help with any questions that I might have specific to any region in the world. I also belong to a large "consortium" that gives me more connections with great suppliers with better deals and other travel professionals who can be helpful when I'm planning dream trips for my clients. Two other great resources are my connections with both ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association). Both of these trusted organizations also enable me to better learn and connect with all the right people for my business ensuring the best interests for my clients as well.

3. My Team of past, present and prospective Clients -   I really learn as much from YOU as I hope you do from me! Every family has different hopes, needs and dreams for their perfect vacation and it is MY job to make sure they are all met. So, if I ask you too many random questions during the planning process, or follow up before you have time to get over your jet lag - my apologies. Just understand that what I learn from your honest feedback helps me to better serve more people in the future.  So, as you can see, it's a pretty solid tribe of support in order for me to better support all my clients. I hope it is reassuring to know how many folks have your back when you allow me to plan your next vacation! Where will you go next?

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