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Why Not With A Group?

A very special quality river cruise company is offering a tremendously great value until the end of February only and I really feel compelled to bring it to your attention. As I mentioned previously, it's such a great deal that Rene and I plan to book at least one ourselves for 2022 as well.

This special deal includes complimentary 2, 3, or 4 night pre or post land packages with a 7 night cruise on various rivers in Europe. One such option includes a fabulous itinerary on the Seine River from Paris, France to Le Havre, France (or the reverse) with a complimentary 3 nights in St. Malo, Brittany and also a complimentary night in Paris.

Another great opportunity includes 4 complimentary nights in Spain's Basque country (2 nights in Bilbao and 2 nights in San Sebastian) when you purchase a 7 night Bordeaux river cruise in France!

And yet another couple of options include a Danube river cruise with a complimentary 3 night pre or post Prague land package or a Provence, France cruise with Geneva, Switzerland and a 3 night complimentary Barcelona land package!

So many fabulous options to consider!

Why not consider sharing one of these options with a group of friends or family? Traveling with those you care about is such a rewarding experience.

There are so many great benefits when you travel as a group including the fact that you can share in the expense of private group transfers and any other touring expenses you may have. Group travel is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel ultimately.

Traveling enables people the opportunity to bond through experiencing new places together. You can create great memories and strengthen those relationships that will last a lifetime after the travel is over.

If you're ready to start planning some travel again for the future, with or without a group of friends or family, I'm at the ready to help you create the perfect experience! Just contact me and we can get started!

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