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Why Using A Travel Advisor Is Even More Important Now

Jamaica opened its borders just last week to international travelers. Did you hear that there were 30 people stranded at the Miami airport because they were denied boarding for their flight to Montego Bay the day after Jamaica opened? The reason why they were denied was due to the fact that there is a new Travel Authorization form required before boarding. This medical clearance form had to be acquired online prior to travel and they were unaware of this.

Isn't that absolutely a major drag?! This sort of story is just one more reason why it's incredibly important to use a professional travel advisor as travel begins to reopen in our post-COVID world. If those 30 sad and angry travelers left behind at the Miami airport had booked through a trusted advisor, they would have known of these new restrictions and been given the link to apply for and print the new Authorization form well before departure!

There are so many more stories of quarantine nightmares and denied entries, but I know you know where I'm coming from and likely agree. For interest sake then, here are my top 5 reasons why you should use a professional travel advisor in order to navigate this new travel climate:

1. We live and breathe the travel business every day. This enables us to stay up to date on the ever-changing scene of entry and quarantine requirements for every destination. From the quarantine policies to all of the requirements including the need to wear masks. When a resort or island, for example, says they're open, what exactly does that mean? Will all their facilities and amenities be open or not? If they're not able to have buffets, what will their food & beverage options be? We'll keep you fully informed so as to avoid disappointment!

2. We are able to stay current about the travel partners who are trustworthy and financially sound. Although there are no guarantees that a company won’t declare bankruptcy in these crazy times, we have strong connections that enable us to flag those that may be in trouble so that they can be added to our “do not sell” list. If the worst happens, we're able to help guide you to secure a refund or resolution to the best of our abilities. Ultimately, you won’t have to face it on your own.

3. We have great information about the best resorts, airlines and destinations who are excelling at everything. Since we're part of a larger network of advisors, we know more information about those going above and beyond (and those who are not) to adapt post-COVID wellness policies to protect your health and well-being. No matter what, we want you to feel safe and secure wherever you travel.

4. If you're as anxious to travel as most of us are, there are some great recommendations that we can make to you for some amazing experiences right now! Whether you'd rather stay domestically here in the U.S. or Canada or would prefer to venture further from home, there are some highly recommended, beautiful destinations and resorts, some great National Parks, smaller expedition cruise ships with fewer than 50 passengers in places like Alaska, or upscale ranches that would be great as another family option, to name a few options. There are so many fabulous options for you that you may not have considered…and I'd love to help you get out of your house and start living again – in a safe manner, of course!

5. We're like a personal backup system... always available to you before, during and after your travel! If you run into any issues or need anything while you're away, we're your first call! If you have a problem with a delayed or cancelled flight, text or call us while you're in line at the airport and we can work towards getting you rebooked before you even reach the counter! A hotel ends up making a mistake with your alleged ocean view suite by giving you one facing the parking lot and we can come to your assistance to ensure that all is made right without you having to contend with it. From what we've heard about travelers having booked online or through big box store travel departments, the client care and support wasn't quite so helpful or smooth as if they'd instead used a Travel Advisor. We'll always be your best advocate because we really do CARE!

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